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Namaskar, Jai Mata Di

Quite often devotees ask me “What are the benefits of Sphatik Mala?” and “When to wear this mala?” as well as “Are there any side effects of wearing Spahtilk Mala?” 

First let me clarify, there are absolutely no side effects of wearing Sphatik mala.

Sphatik Mala Wearing Rules

Vidhi or process of wearing Sphatik mala is simple, you can wear it on Friday. But before wearing it, its recommended to keep it in Cow’s milk. When you wake up on Friday morning, After bathing and doing your chores, keep the mala in Cow’s milk and in the evening, take mala to nearest temple of Mother divine, and touch this sphatik mala to mother divine’s feet. Now you can wear this mala around your neck.
A lot people, who are experiencing health problems such as Ashtma, A lot of people are told that in your horoscope or kundli, your chandarma(moon) is weak. If this is the case and your chandarma is weak, and your heartbeat is often slightly faster than normal and you experience hiccups. If you are experiencing such symptoms, then Sphatik mala can be worn by you.

Sphatik Mala for Lakshmi Prapti

Sphatik Mala is used for both Lakshmi Prapti (Wealth Gain) as well as for Rog Nivaran. However its recommended to use a abhimantrit (अभिमंत्रित) Sphatik Mala when chanting for Wealth Gain. 

A lot of people ask me, ‘What is the difference between a normal and abhimantrit mala’ ?

Look at it like this, let’s say you have to go for an important work, you take a shower, get properly dressed and then you go to a temple and pray for success in your work OR in second scenario, you go for that important work without showering or properly dressed. In the second scenario your confidence will be low, and thoughts such as i am not fully prepared or properly dressed will cross your mind and you feel like the person you are going to meet may not be very impressed from you.

Similarly any abhimantrit mala, which is abhimantrit through sidh mantras, when you go out wearing this mala, then your confidence level will be very high. And you feel like you will surely get success.

Abhimantrit Sphatik Mala is also helpful if your shukra grah (Venus) is weak. A lot people are suggested, if your Shukra planet is weak then wear a diamond. But if you are not financially strong to wear a diamond, then you can wear an Abhimantrit Sphatik Mala. When you wear this mala, by the grace of Mother Divine, your desires will get fulfilled and you will experience wealth gain.

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Question: Can we use the same mala for chanting as well as wearing?

Pandit Ji: That’s a good question, Yes you can.

There is a reason behind this, When you continuously chant a mantra with an abhimantrit mala, then Shakti of mantra comes into the mala i.e mala gets energized. When you go out wearing this mala, then the same Shakti stays with you.

However there is one important precaution, if you are married, no matter what mala you are wearing be it Sphatik, Rudraksha etc, then at night, you should take out this mala before going to bed. Next morning, you can wear this mala again, after showering.

If married people go to bed wearing mala and indulge in activities, then the mala gets ‘Ashudh’ i.e it may catch negative energies. That’s why its recommended for married couples, to not to wear any abhimantrit mala during night.

Question: Do Sphatik Bracelets Work ?

Pandit Ji: Yes, they do work. Even Sphatik Lockets also work. However it depends on what situation you are wearing this. For instance, you go to a doctor for a problem such as fever, the doctor will give you a medicine for it. However this medicine will change depending on the type of fever you have such as viral, malaria etc. Similarly depending on your situation/problem or if you are under the influence of negative energy, Whether you should wear sphatik bracelet or mala or sphatik locket, it all depends on your problem.  You should always wear spiritual products according to your situation.

Namaskar, Jai Mata Di.

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    • admin
      admin says:

      Please watch the video carefully, pandit ji has mentioned few instances when you need to take off mala or sphatik bracelet.

      Jai mata di

      • siddhant
        siddhant says:

        Ok thank u…main ye samjha Ki ….whenever there is release of negative energies from the body like during bowel movement , bathing , menstrual cycle. the mala must be removed. Did I understand it correctly?


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