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Rog Nivaran Upay | Remedy for Good Health

Namaskar, Jai Mata Di If you suffering from health problems for a long time, and you are taking constant medication but instead of improvement, your health is constantly going down. In some cases the actual illness is not getting detected, and you are constantly suffering because you are unable to cure this unknown illness or […]

Upri Hawa Nidaan Upay

क्या हैं ऊपरी हवा ? कैसे लगती है ऊपरी हवा ? कैसे करे ऊपरी हवा की पहचान ? कैसे करे ऊपरी हवा का निदान ? जानिये ऊपरी हवा के अचूक उपाय ? देखिये वीडियो ऊपरी हवा के बारे में जानने के लिए ।  

Nazar Dosh Upay

क्या हैं नज़र ? कैसे उतारे नज़र ? जानिए दुर्लभ उपाय ——————-English Translation of the video—————— Namaskar, Jai Mata Di Often when we feel that our work is going great and we are very happy about it, but slowly slowly our income starts decreasing or our daily sale comes down gradually. And we wonder what […]