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Today with blessings and grace of Mother Divne, We are proud to announce launch of Mata Vaishno Devi Pindi Darbar.  Read more

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Sphatik Mala Benefits | Wearing Rules | Precautions

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Quite often devotees ask me “What are the benefits of Sphatik Mala?” and “When to wear this mala?” as well as “Are there any side effects of wearing Spahtilk Mala?”  Read more

Rog Nivaran Upay | Remedy for Good Health

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If you suffering from health problems for a long time, and you are taking constant medication but instead of improvement, your health is constantly going down. In some cases the actual illness is not getting detected, and you are constantly suffering because you are unable to cure this unknown illness or health problem. This can go on for years, and the treatment doesn’t have any impact.

A lot of people come to me and tell me ‘Pandit Ji, It seems Doctors have been doing experiments on me, and they have given me medicine of numerous diseases and still they are not sure what is wrong”. If you are going through from any of the above mentioned scenarios, and you have been having health problems for a long time? And the actual disease or problem is not getting detected? Or even the illness has been detected but none of the medicines or treatment are helping you recover and you are annoyed and surprised that nothing is working but you just want to recover from this condition and your body shall become healthy, then here is an Easy Remedy (upay). With blessings from Mother Divine, this upay will help you detect exact nature of your problem, and you will experience improvement from the medical treatment you are taking.

Remedy (Upay) for Health Problems

On a Tuesday, Take Kalava, also known as Mauli, Now tie this Kalava 9 times around your waist and tie a knot. Now on next Tuesday open the knot and remove the Kalava from your waist.  The duration between tying this Kalva and untying it is 7 days. Now if during these seven days, you witness bad dreams(Nightmares), and in these dreams you see people who are no longer alive, and you are restless and extreme discomfort, hopeless during these 7 days, then DO NOT open Kalava, Leave it on. You must be understand this and be very careful about this. Now what you need to do is go to nearest temple, where they offer sindoor to Hanuman ji (Chola) and bring a little sindoor home.

Now using this sindoor write “ॐ हं हनुमंते नमः” in both side of patients room. Now you can open the kalava tied around waist. Now take this thread, collect and roll it using your thumb and little finger. Now put this Kalava in running water such as in a river etc.  Now during evening take two red chillies, Peeli Sarso (Yellow Mustard Seeds), Kala Dana, Kali Rai. Take all these four items, and rotate them around your head 7 times in clockwise direction. Now take these items away from your home and burn them.

Now you must pray to Hanuman ji every night. Chant Hanuman Chalisa, Bajrang Baand, and Sankatmochan Hanumanashtak, followed by Hanuman ji Aarti.

If you cannot pray regularly, then you can Chant following chopai from Hanuman Chalisa at least 9 times daily.

नासै रोग हरे सब पीरा । 

जपत निरंतर हनुमत बीरा ॥ 
Nase Rog Hare Sab Peera, Japat Nirantar Hanumant Beera

When you do this continuously, you will see slowly you will start getting relief from any long term illness or any type of disease which was previously undetected.

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Upri Hawa Nidaan Upay

क्या हैं ऊपरी हवा ? कैसे लगती है ऊपरी हवा ? कैसे करे ऊपरी हवा की पहचान ? कैसे करे ऊपरी हवा का निदान ? जानिये ऊपरी हवा के अचूक उपाय ? देखिये वीडियो ऊपरी हवा के बारे में जानने के लिए ।  

Nazar Dosh Upay

क्या हैं नज़र ? कैसे उतारे नज़र ? जानिए दुर्लभ उपाय

——————-English Translation of the video——————

Namaskar, Jai Mata Di

Often when we feel that our work is going great and we are very happy about it, but slowly slowly our income starts decreasing or our daily sale comes down gradually. And we wonder what is the reason that our daily sales have come down. While there can be many reasons behind this, one main reason is Nazar Dosh.

You, Your Family or Work is going great but there are people around you, be it your friends, neighbors etc who are struggling with their earnings and occupation and they are not happy about it. When these people look at you, they get jealous or bad/negative thoughts run through their mind. And these negative thoughts impact you, which is known as Nazar Dosh, and a lot of times you must have heard people say “Mujhe nazar lag gay hai” (I am suffering from evil eye) or “Mere rojgar to nazar lag gayi hai” (My business is under influence of evil eye)

So the question is how these negative thoughts or feeling of jealousy affects you ?

When these people who are feeling jealous, look at you or your business/work, they think that you have so much work and we do not have time that i can do some work. Here i am using the words ‘they think that they do not have time’ because they DO have a lot of time but they do not have time to work. When such negative thoughts run through their mind, Nazar impacts can impact your earnings or your health. If such negative thoughts are constantly running through somebody’s mind towards you, its categorized as ‘हाय’.

If you do upay for nazar dosh and try to remove it, Nazar(Evil Eye) will never get converted to हाय.

If you think your business or your family or yourself are under the influence of nazar and you want to cure it i.e you want to get rid of this nazar dosh, here is a powerful remedy to remove nazar dosh (buri Nazar ka upay)

Go to nearest Hanuman Mandir on a Tuesday and take Sindoor from Hanuman ji right shoulder (After taking permission from Hanuman ji) and take one Iron Nail, Now apply this Sindoor on the Iron Nail, and take little bit of kali urad, and take 2 red roses. Now Put all these things in a white cloth and make a potli using Black thread. Now you can place this potli at the center of your main entrance door of your shop. If you can not place it in the center of the shop, you can place it on top right side when customer is making an exit from your shop i.e Top Right corner, when you leave from the shop, you can hang it using a nail.

when you do this upay, The Nazar Dosh and हाय you are suffering from will slowly go away. Its important that you do this upay regularly on every Tuesday. When you do this constantly the nazar dosh which is constantly making your life dull, will gradually go away.

A lot of people ask me, Pandit Ji, How is it possible that Nazar is having ill effect on us or on our work ?

See our ancestors, forefathers used to say, हाय and Nazar Dosh can even destroy mountains.

Now i will tell you few symptoms and signs through which you can find out if you under influence of हाय

Someone built a beautiful home, with all the things of this choice. After a while plaster from their ceiling started falling, which he go repaired again. Few days later it was the same situation and plaster started falling again. So one of the common signs is seepage and dampness in your newly constructed house, especially in areas where there is no direct connection with water, this means, your home has come under influence of evil eye or nazar.

If a tile or show brick automatically falls and you feel that it was constructed and placed properly, how is it possible that it fell ? These are some of the signs of Nazar dosh.

In case of small business, if a customer comes to your shop and starts negotiating, even after reaching an agreement on the price, customer says i will think about it and let you know or i will come tomorrow. If this happens with Constantly, or 6 out of 10 customers show similar behavior and your earnings are going down slowly, then is a sign. Another sign of nazar is it changes your thought process, if you come to your shop or office in the morning, and you do not feel like working, you just want to sit and relax, or you start fighting with your customers or your employees and you cant control yourself. When you cant control yourself and your mind then it often means you are under influence of Nazar.

Nazar Dosh can influence anyone, be it a Male or female or a child. Even gods can come under influence of nazar. So what are the signs that your an housewife is suffering from nazar dosh ? If you notice your wife has suddenly started putting more khatai in food, and this becomes a regular habit or home cooked food has become more spicy. You try to point this out to your wife that all of sudden she has started making food more spicy or with khatai, but she doesn’t agrees with you, and continues with similar behavior, then you can consider that house lady is under the influence of nazar dosh. Along with the above symptoms, if she starts to leave her hair loose or uncombed (if earlier her hair was usually tied nicely) and she has stopped giving much attention to herself, then its safe to assume she is suffering from nazar. Slowly this also starts affecting relation between husband and wife.

Once you know that your wife is suffering from Nazar Dosh, what to do ? Here is an easy remedy for nazar dosh (only meant for married couples), You can do this upay for Nazar:

Take a pen with red ink, a small piece of paper and write ‘Ram’ 11 times on this paper with red ink pen, After writing ‘RAM’, 11 times write “Hanuman” Twice in the end. Now fold this paper and put this into a bottle of honey with tight lid and keep it in a corner of any room in your house. Slowly and gradually this will help you to come out of nazar dosh and relation between married couple will improve.

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